Clatsop County Fair - July 22 to August 2, 2014
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2014 Clatsop County Fair - Ride the Tide to Fun!
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The theme for 2014's Clatsop County Fair is "Ride the Tide to Fun!" Fair colors are Blue and Green. We will have lots of great entertainment along with new and favorite events to make this a fair to be remembered by all. Feel free to download a printable schedule and information on the Clatsop County Fair. Check back with us for updates!

Clatsop County Fair Talent Show - Wednesday, July 30, 2014
New this year! Authors' Booth sponsored by Lucy's Books of Astoria

New This Year...
Authors' Booth!

We are having an "Authors' Booth" this year, sponsored by Lucy's Books in Astoria. Local and regional authors will be available to talk to readers as well as having books available for purchase. Below is the schedule for those who want to make sure not to miss their favorite local author...

All Week: Diane Gardner, Judy Fleagle, & Barney Athanasias Blalock

7/29 - John Rekart, Catherine Al-Meten
7/30 - Holly Lorincz
7/31 - Matt Love (4 - 8 PM)
8/1 - Tim Murphy, Lisa Maria Costanzo
8/2 - Melissa Eskue Ousley
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